Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Water Company Buyout Vote Fails

By a 7-4 majority the motion to spend 1-2 million dollars for another appraisal to hopefully justify the buyout of the privately owned water company, failed. While Councilman Manning's personal studies showed that the cities ownership of the water mining and distribution rights would provide millions of dollars of extra revenue each year, the majority of the council referred back to the library referendum which had a 70+% public approval while the water company buyout had only a 12% public approval.

Bob Manning made good points 3 years ago and good points tonight. However, like all spending endeavors based on projections, Manning's studies were "projections" and projections have a high ratio of failure in this community.

I will blog on this subject later but I am pleased with the result and compliment the all councilpeople for their efforts to make a decision most feel is in the best interests of the community.

The council can now move on to problems more pressing and that are easier to get "your arms around" than the speculation that a city appointed Water Company Committee hiring a company to do the actual mining and distribution of our water. The majority in this community believes that city ownership would take an undo amount of the councils time and diligence.

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