Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Library Referendum - Water Company Referendum

Oversold library advisory referendum, $120,000 private money and Peoria's best political promoter, Steve Shearer, gets 72+% approval rating and council votes to give them all but $7 million requested.

Water company advisory referendum, unknown dollars spent by the water company in opposition to the buyout, $1 million dollars spent by by others to promote the buyout. 80% of ordinary voters said, "City, run the city , let private industry run private industries", please vote no.

The people who put up the #1 million dollars to support the water company buyout can at least say we were able to slap the forever library new taxes on the property taxpayer.

If I were them I'd be saying "some win".

Maybe a little payback to some council members including Sandberg. I can recall few instances where Sandberg voted for private enterprise except Elliotts strip club.

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