Thursday, October 09, 2008

Personal Attacks

The Obama camp wants to stop the personal attacks. I agree. I want the truth about the person who is going to be elected President of our country. If information about Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin are FACTUAL these can not be called personal attacks. If most of them are half-truths and outright lies, the truth should be presented through the media.

If the attacks are on McCain and Palin, the liberal and left wing media relishes spreading these attacks. If these attacks in the form of FACTS are on Obama and Biden, this same media increases their attacks on McCain and Obamo.

The early committed Obama voter is not going to be swayed by FACTS being brought forward by the conservative media and the McCain camp. These facts can only sway the Independents and the fence-riding Republicans.

I try to put only factual information on this site. I try to only forward facts (also a few bad jokes) on my e-mails.

Where I am wrong, you have my opinion comment section to place your FACTS.
I do try to list the date and source of my facts.

Dorothy Rabinowitz, a most respected member of the WSJ's Editorial board, today writes, "Obama is not responsible for the political culture, but he is a good part of it's product. Which is perhaps how it happened in his 20 years in the church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright--passionate proponent of the view of America as the world's leading agent of evil and injustice--he found nothing strange and alienating. To the contrary, when Rev. Wright's screeds began rolling out on television all over the country, Mr. Obama's first response was to mount a militant defense and charge that Rev. Wright had been taken out of context, "cut into snippets". This he continued to do until it became untenable. Then came his subject changing speech on race. Such defining moment tell more than all the talk of Sen. Obama's association with the bomb planting humanist, William Ayers.

I tried to get by with these actions when I was "just a kid". I would do something my mother considered bad. She would wait till Dad had gathered us all to the "supper" table to tell him. I would try to keep the sundry conversations going without pause, hoping Mom would forget what I did. She didn't. Dad later on dispensed discipline to me proportionate to the offence, usually a razor strap to my butt. I still have the strap he used. I'm honored to have it as keepsake.

Such does the Adult Obama camp, keep "ragging" on an economy and making it worse than it really is by rumor and panic propagated through the media.

These sharp differences between the candidates as to who we are as a nation, may not seem, now, as potent an issue for voters as the economy, but they should not be underestimated. This clash--not the ones on abortion or gay marriage--are the root of the real culture war to play out in November.

Of course Obama wants to keep up his rhetoric about all the things he would do to lead us "out of the wilderness", if only we would elect him president.

He does not want digging into his relationships with people who would overthrow the government of this nation. Sure, we would like to see many changes in government but not by radical and destructive means.

A person's past will determine his future. Obama wants his past to be a closed book. But it must be kept open because Americans have a history of forgetting lessons learned, often as little as a few years ago, and continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

Politician's promises are as good as their speech writers, both soon to be forgotten.

Let's continue to get the facts out on all candidates then I won't have to ask "who vetted" whom.


wacko said...

Merle: how do you really feel aboutSarah Palin and McCains' judgement on picking her? I am undecided in this election, but my God, can you picture her behind the desk in the Oval office with a rubber stamp taking us to war based on CIA intelligence? That has to be a consideration for all Americans, Republican or Democrat. Help me out will you?

Merle Widmer said...


I appreciate your insight. Probably too much worry about McCain kicking off before his term is over. I'm 83 and last night conducted my 2nd full board meeting in the abscense of 0ur ailing board chair.

Big difference from running a country but all will find out some day that if you have good doctors and don't abuse your health too badly 72-76 are not bad years.

I had a triple by-pass at 79, prostrate cancer at 76 and a TIA at 71, still play competitive tennis, blog and keep the County Board finances under sharp scrutiny.

I believe Palin will mature on the job, I believe she has no where near the arrogance of George Bush and I would trust her in a fire-fight.

Neither Obama or Biden, McCain or Palin, are best qualified for the highest position in the land.

But I believe voters must know more about Obama's background.
While there are a number of "not good things" in both Republican's background, they do not appear to be a scary as the people Obama associated with, supported, took their money and patterned portions of his life after them and then denies he didn't know them well or wasn't around when bad things happened.

Biden is the "boilerplate" career politician. A few "ghosts" ion his background, too.

The choices sure could be better but I believe Palin is a "quick study" and will be level-headed when the countries needs are the greatest.I think she will listen well to "qualified" people.