Monday, October 27, 2008

Peorian Dick Chapman's Sensible Letter to the JSEB

Dick Chapman wrote a LTTE in the JS that is worthy of a reprint. Dick wrote, "Help me understand. I have been watching political advertisements for Democrat Jehan Gordon, who is running for state representative for the 92nd District. Her advertisement states that she is running to correct the failed policies of the Republican Party. I am under the impression that the governor's office and Legislature are controlled by Democrats.

I am also under the impression that the U.S. Congress is controlled by the Democrat Party. Yes, our president is a Republican. I do not understand why politicians of both parties blame each other for the serious economic challenges that we now face.

We Americans hired and trusted our state and federal representatives. They let us down and we should hold them accountable. We expected our financial institutions to make secure home loans based on what people can afford. They let us down and we should (I add that we MUST) hold them accountable.

to win my vote, candidates should focus on American, not political solutions."

Well spoken, Dick.

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