Monday, October 27, 2008

McKenzie Questions Mayor on Library Appointment

Peoria Public Library Board president say Friday that the proposed replacement of Dr. Frank Gold, a cardiologist, with a Bradley University Professor of Civil Engineering comes with bad timing because Dr. Gold is chairman of the library's building committee and the board is starting to interview architects. McKenzie said Dr. Gold is one of few physicians who is willing to give this much time to a public library. Hmmmm.

And hmmmm again. A cardiologist? To help pick an architect vs. a Doctor of Civil Engineering?? The library has already made a huge mistake in locating the new building. Mayor Ardis said "As they make further decisions relating to the architecture and engineering, etc., they will need to have a voting member with strong knowledge in that area".

Most of us in the business community couldn't agree more. I ask the mayor to stick with his appointment of Dr. Rebholz so that there is someone on the board who has some experience from the business sector.

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