Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama is the Way Forward for Women

So says Catherine A. MacKinnon, lawyer, activist, author and radical feminist. She said in her book "Feminism Unmodified" p. 82 "I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated". Imagine this: Sure, at first she felt the sex was great but then he didn't call her like he said he would. After a couple of weeks, her guilt and her mind says, well the sex wasn't that great after all, later, perhaps a missed period. Maybe her doctor says she has a sexual disease. She now thinks it was from the guy who didn't call her like he said he would. Now she's really PO'd and starts to feel that she was violated; some of her "feminist" friends say "don't you realize that you were raped? And on top of that the guy never returned her calls, the b-----d. Then she starts to believe or imagine she was raped and she decides to file charges.

Don't think the scenario I painted above doesn't happen with great regularity in this country. How would you like to be the male with "activist feminist" Ms. MacKinnon representing the "violated" woman? Would the "raped" woman's possible mental instability, possible bad sexual experiences and maybe hostility toward men, be allowed as testimony in court?

Now don't go off on a tangent and think I don't believe rape happens. Of course it does. And I support the death penalty for some violent rapes. Look up my blog of 6/19/07. But you can go off on a tangent when I tell you that whatever happened, the male seldom has a chance of defending himself if the female is a good enough actress, or has convinced herself later that it wasn't consensual aggressive sex and has an attorney the ilk of Ms. MacKinnon.

Never forget the lessons of the Duke "rape" case and the disbarment of the prosecutor pursuing the false charges. Did the false female accuser ever serve time? I doubt it.

Where have male rights gone in this guilt ridden, "it's not my fault", society? No wonder many men no longer date women. How many times do you read about guys filing rape charges against another adult man?

MacKinnon has the union concept for women, equal pay for equal jobs. Note these "feminists" (similar to the unions) always say equal jobs. Not equal effort, ability, stability, output, etc.

Ms. MacKinnon supports a federal Equal Rights Amendment and avidly supports the egalitarian "Elimination of ALL Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDW). She says "Gender justice calls for far more than the conventional equality approach that treats like alike". I would like to see she and Sarah Palin in a "hand on" debate. I have no doubt Palin would tell this radical feminist what a real woman is.

Many servicemen say that women doing the fighting with men are usually a hindrance. Will they say it publicly? Some do, after they are discharged because they know it is not "politically correct" to tell the truth. Note that the intermingling of the services have resulted in many rape charges, murders and violence and not during battle. Of course, there are always exceptions and exceptional women, think Sarah Palin. But exceptions should not become the rule.

As a tennis player, why do men have to play 5 sets and women only 3 sets to win if pay when pay is usually equal? Why don't women play organized professional baseball or football, if all women and men are equal?

For 28 years, I tried to pay people what they were WORTH to my company. Many times women earned more than men for the very reasons mentioned above. Gender had nothing to do with their pay or chances for promotion. When I promoted a man to succeed me as President of my company I did it with heavy consideration of his ability to work with and lead women. Never in my 28 years did I have a woman apply for a delivery and installation position. Why not?

Voter, beware, this woman is the type of radical person supporting Obama. It is my opinion every "bleeding" left wing liberal in the country is supporting Obama

Let this country be forewarned. I for see an all Democrat regime with Obama orchestrating a far more rapid decline of this great country in the years ahead.

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