Friday, October 17, 2008

More Taxes on Property Tax Payers in Peoria County? - My Position

With Caterpillar stock down more than 50% from it's recent high, ADM down more than 60%, John Deere down more than 60%, all from their highs in the last 12 months, all supposedly Middle Illinois safe money havens, no way would I vote to impose additional taxes on Peoria County property tax payers.

Nor will I vote for an increased sales tax. If either proposal gets on a referendum this spring, I will ask those of you who agree with me, to actively work with me against these increased taxes.

The County Board has yet to see the proposed 2009 budget. While the economic situation has been pretty good, October onward may see a drastic change in consumer spending and business expansion in the county. I am an optimist but a much stronger realist.

What many are seeing and feeling right now may seem like a bad dream. One thing I can tell you, it is bad and not a dream.

In better times, i will reexamine my current position. In the meantime, those with secure futures and secure wealth, should go ahead and build and maintain the museum or anything else they want. I have never opposed progress as long as I know who is paying to build and who is paying to maintain what's being built. And maintain each year thereafter.

Cut spending for non-priority "things". Many people will say "we can't do without that" especially the 14% who said in a recent poll, that they want more government and more taxes. Probably people who pay no taxes. Or welfare people.

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