Friday, October 31, 2008

Local Heroes'-- And Others

Fred Schlump, of Peoria in his "Letter to the Editors" in today's JS titled "Schock rises above the mudslinging", Joey Watt of Peoria with his letter, "Tired of the belief that we're entitled" and Don Stenstrom of East Peoria with his letter "Voting Democratic won't always bring change, the Journal has the header wrong, Don says he's had enough of the Democrat controlled congress among other things.

Thanks, guy for telling it like it is.

Winner or should I say whiner of the "Other" award is Pepper Lambie Bauer of Mapleton, a good Democrat, in her letter "Why do so many people defend Schock". She says she doesn't understand the attraction to Schock. Well, I don't have enough time and space to tell her why but maybe Wednesday morning she will know.

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