Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Journal Star's "Our View"

In our liberal local newspaper's continual attacks on John McCain, today's "Our View" needs further analysis. The JS Editorial Board said "GOP rhetoric at odds with
Reagan's legacy". They quote Reagan as saying in 1983, nearing a decision on American sanctions, the Soviet Union must account for 'the murder of innocent civilians' aboard Korean Air Line flight 007. Nonetheless, he said the 'inexcusable act of brutality' would not interfere with ARMS REDUCTION TALKS WITH MOSCOW." (My caps)

The ex-president said he would meet with Moscow on "arms reduction" talks.

The JSEB, now down from 5 to 3 editors, slammed the Republican position that they would not meet with with the Iran president for a "fireside chat" and touted Barack Obama who said he would meet with the Iranian president "without preconditions".

The JSEB, as it so often does, attempted to confuse the issue. The issue stated in the JSEB's own words is that Reagen would continue his talks with Moscow about "arms reduction".

600 or more words later, the JSEB asks, "If "personal diplomacy" was good enough for the Gipper, why is it wrong for Obama?

The answer is so simple I'm embarrassed to print it. Reagen was in the midst of ongoing talks with Russia about arms control. Obama was and is of the mindset of disgraced Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain before the start of WWII that eventually killed over 40 million people. Obama wants to sit down and "talk" with a man who would like to be another Hitler.

McCain and most Republican leadership are saying sure, we'll talk with Iran after they agree to stop building nuclear bombs and threatening to remove "Israel from the face of the earth", stop shipping deadly arms to the militant Shites and the terrorist Al Queda and then and only then, will open up the door to attempt to reach further understandings between our countries and the rest of the MidEast leaders.

Good grief!

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