Friday, October 24, 2008

General Colin Powell Gets on Winning Side

In his late endorsement of Obama, Powell said that McCain didn't have a "clear grasp" of what is going on but went on to praise Obama's "steadiness", but mentioned nothing in particular that Obama actually did.


These comments were taken from left winger JSEB favorite Gene Robinson's column yesterday. What is Powell's definition of "clear grasp"? Who has a clear grasp in this country now? George Soros, Paris Hilton, Arnie, the muscle bound actor governor of almost bankrupt California, Bill Ayers, "Father" Phleger, Chris Dodd, Pelosi or her millionaire husband or Barney Frank? Maybe our own Governor Blago'? Or Popeye or Bluto or M. Mouse.

I'm glad to hear Obama has steadiness. He sure is steady in avoiding to let people know his real background. He sure is steady in telling people how he is going to cut taxes a trillion dollars yet fails to explain where he is going to get the the 3+ trillion dollars he plans to spend on "spreading the wealth". Are we sure he went to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother? I wish her a speedy recovery.

I almost forgot. Obama sure is steady in changing his positions, outdoes McCian by 5to 1. Pretty hard to remember what one says when trying to win over so many diverse groups. Even hard to remember when talking to those who always show up for for "food and refreshments".

I suspect that Powell is looking for a cabinet post. If Obama is elected Powell will be right up there in line with Bill Ayers who may be our next Secretary of Education.

I have lived a long life. If you read my early blogs, I warned that this day might come. Maybe a miracle will happen. But even if McCain is elected, he will need a lot of "Hail Mary's" to get us out of this mess our leaders with a "complete grasp" have gotten us in.

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