Tuesday, September 09, 2008

6 Sigma (Sorry for incorrect title)

I recently read a book touting the fantastic results of companies that practised Sigma 6. Most noteworthy in results were Motorola and General Electric. I note that Motorola stock is selling at $8.80 per share today as opposed to $22.00 three years ago. General Electric stock is trading at $28.50 today as opposed to $33.50 three years ago. G.E stock prices have been flat for years. Caterpillar, a strong promoter of Sigma Six was trading at $58.75 three years ago as opposed to $61.65 today.

Just interesting facts and you can read into these facts what you wish. I believe Peoria Public School District #150 had a number of their leaders trained on the Sigma 6 principles by Caterpillar also.

Since my wife and I both own Caterpillar stock, I will be asking Caterpillar to do something to bring their stock prices up rather that invest in something that is not a priority. I visited Lakeview today note that there is quite a bit of room for expansion on unused PPD land.

Since taxpayers will already be paying for any Federal or State grants for the new museum, under current market conditions, I will not be supporting any non-priority expenditures that will be partly funded by taxpayer dollars to build and to maintain for the expenditures lifetime.

As you may recall I blogged on how much more money I am paying on my tax bill for 2007, $1300 more than 2006. If you read my projected facts, I don't believe I've seen anything yet in the increase of property taxes on properties slightly below Northmoor Road and three miles or so north, northeast and northwest.

It appears with the stock markets collapse again, approx. 300 points today, and from all the trader and analyst talk, it appears we are in the recession all the pundits said we weren't going to be in. These wise men were blaming It on the price of oil but oil continues to drop - from a high of $146 a barrel to $102 today.

How did we get in this sorry mess? Mainly greed but all involved will deny that premise. Looks like Fannie and Freddie investors may get from nothing to $1.50 per share. Investors now can't sue the government. And of course investing is risky so only those bold risk takers should invest.

Or insiders or officers. It is disturbing to most investors to see the salaries bonuses and extra benefits like a lifetime monthly paycheck, continued use of company planes and huge life insurance policies prepaid, along with free health care, country club memberships and a pension while the unsuspecting stockholders stock drops in value sometimes to never recover.

Know that company stock prices are in serious trouble when officers start exercising their employment stock options often at 10 times the current stock value.

How this will affect the upcoming elections? We will know in less than 60 days.


So much for educated talk.

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ep blondie said...

It's actually 6 Sigma and Cat is essentially phasing it out for a new fad - CPS (Cat Production System.) Going lean, cutting out unnecssary waste, yada, yada, yada.