Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peoria County Property Taxes

Thanks to Diane Vespa for her "Letter to the Editors" of the JS about deadlines for filing an appeal if owners thought their properties were not fairly assessed.

Since I complained of the handling of my property taxes I will give an update. I did file an appeal to my 2007 taxes to the State of Illinois but do not expect to hear from them anytime soon as I understand they have a large backlog of complaints.

I did receive a $5,000.00 lower fair value assessment locally for year 2008.

Comparing other communities, Peoria property taxes are very high. Examples are:

Peoria, Il. - $7100.00 on a $284,000.00 home.
Bloomington, Indiana - $641.00 - $1151.00 for an $141,000.00 home.
Westport, Conn. - $9538.00 on an $1.9 million dollar home.
Harwood, Maryland - $5,022.00 on an $1.69 million dollar home.
St. Paul, Mn. - $3240.00 on a $260,000.00 home.
Langford Park, Mn. - $4800.00 on a $550,000.00 home.

If you are paying attention and care about your property taxes, approximately 50% of the residents of Peoria County pay no property taxes so it is easy for non-property residents to vote yes on property tax increases that do not directly affect them.

As I have said in previous blogs that it is my educated belief that we property holders haven't seen anything yet.

Study your tax bill and see where your tax dollars go and keep watching each year for which taxing bodies increase the dollars they collect from you.
Calvin Avenue, Mn. $9976.00 on a $795,000.00 home.

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Barb Lulay said...

Hi Merle,
Thanks for introducing your blog to me at the expo. My business ( and blog ( focus on helping people feel excellent. Well, just knowing that you DID get your rates lowered makes me feel excellent because then we still have a chance. Our taxes are terrible in Peoria and they keep going up.