Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain/Palin Ticket Can Win in November

John McCain closed ou the Republican Convention with a flourish. He reached out to all people; yes he is a bit of a populist, but so am I and as are most common sense people. His constant statements of love for his country, his respect for the rights and well-beings of all, his constant emphasis on peace rather than war; he should know, and his convictions that he would fight for freedom of the citizens of the U.S.A. and support oppressed people around the world should, convince many fence sitters and independents that he too, is the "real McCoy".

The naysayers, the ones that wouldn't vote for McCain/Palin under any circumstances will say "but he didn't go into detail as to how he would fulfill all his promises". How will he fulfil all his promise? He will do it as any successful business administrator and every successful public administrator does it by surrounding himself with the best informed, the most experienced in particular fields, like economics, free trade, health, education and foreign policy, and the most courageous and common sense people he can find.

The weeks ahead will be tough as the liberal press and the liberal "talking heads" will try to find every personal flaw in McCain and Palin. Anyone who reads widely and listens well would see that Obama and Biden have records that have considerably more flaws.

In November, the future of this nation lies in the trust that voters can and will separate fact from fiction, McCain's experience in world affairs from O'Bama's experience in Chicago, Springfield and Washington, D.C., from the guts to make hard decisions from charismatic oratory, populist and socialistic planning and vote McCain/Palin into office.

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