Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jehan Gordon - Does She Fit The Mold of a "Politican"?

I don't believe all politicians are liars. Incompetent at times, truths stretchers at times, "rub my back, I'll rub yours", sometimes, have exceeded the "Peter Principle" a lot of the time and yes, there are politicians who are out and out liars such as candidate Jehan Gordon.

Saturday's Journal Star, B6, in an article by journalist John Sharp, exposed her again where lies easily flow of her tongue. She made the ridiculous claim that her Republican opponent, Joan Krupa missed 25% of meeting she was obligated to attend as a County Board member over her terms. The JS exposed the truth, Krupa attended 84 meetings out 86.

She missed just 2 meetings.

In a mailer just received from Gordon's campaign manager, the mailer says "How do we know Republican Joan Krupa will raise taxes and fees on the middle-class families? Krupa voted to raise her own taxpayer-funded salary and the salary of political insiders". She quotes this as facts gleaned from Peoria County.

The claims are easily proved patently false. The County Board only votes to raise (or lower)the salaries of ELECTED officials and ELECTED board members and the County Administrator . The County also bargains the hourly rates of union employees. The union salaries are bargained & set at the end of a contract and the board and elected officials salaries are decided upon by the FULL board every four years.

Let's sort it out. On record at the Courthouse, it says that in 1983 County Board members were paid $5200 per year. When I was elected to the County Board in 2000, seventeen years later, elected board members were paid $5400 a year. A gain of only $200 a year for the period Krupa served on the County Board. The board, with a Democrat majority, 13 to 5, has raised board members salaries to $7900 a year since year 2000. I attend approximately 70 meetings a year.

In the meantime the elected County Officials such as the Circuit Clerk,etc., "middle class people", these must be the "insiders" Gordon is talking about, have had their salaries approximately TRIPLED.

What lies and truth stretching.

Gordon also accuses Krupa of raising fees on the middle class. For a person wanting to serve the people she should know that fees she is talking about know no class. These fees, such as marriage licences, traffic tickets, passports, child abuse, child care, animal licences, divorce, etc., and fines of any kind, are paid by all classes of people.

Many raises in fees are recommended or dictated by the State of Illinois. All 18 board members can vote "yea' or "nay" for any actions taken by the County Board, each board members vote counts as "one vote".

George Shadid and Billy Halstead and the Democrat Central Committee are surely concerned that they evidently didn't "know" this person they put up for election. Or did they think she fit a "stereotype" that the country appears to be accepting now? If they believe they did properly "vet" her, I can only pray that the majority of the voters will decide what type of leadership they are seeking in Springfield.

Her handout also shows a picture of a nice home that is not the Krupa families home.

To my Democrat friends, this candidate is a disgrace to your party. She is not fit to serve as an honest politician we need in our governmental bodies.

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Anonymous said...

Let the truth be told. Thank you Merle.

This was purposeful deception on the part of Jehan Gordon to try to divert attention from her horrible attendance record on the school board.

I ask why did Alicia Butler's faking of her degree make the front page of the Journal Star repeatedly (justifiably) but Jehan Gordon's outrageous and ludicrous lies get the low profile of B6? Both had to do with deception by school board members.

Merle Widmer said...

Saturday AM, I sent a "Letter to the Editors" of the JSEB, less than 250 words, on the lies of Jehan Gordon. They have yet to publish my facts only letter.

Merle Widmer said...

The JSEB said today my letter would be published.

Merle Widmer said...

Partially published today. They left out Gordon's blatant lies printed in her recent mailing about Krupa's alleged raisng her salary and the salary of "insiders" on the County Board.

A pair of additional lies to add to her long list.