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Darin LaHood - More Reasons We Should Support Him

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Darin LaHood Continues Sweep of Police Endorsements:

Correctional Officers Vote Unanimous Support

Peoria, IL – Citing his experience as an “aggressive prosecutor and keen understanding of Peoria County,” the Peoria County Correctional Officer’s FOP Union voted unanimously to endorse Darin LaHood for Peoria County State’s Attorney. LaHood has pitched a shutout among law enforcement union endorsements—gaining all five endorsements that have been made thus far.

“Darin LaHood’s experience as an aggressive prosecutor and his keen understanding of Peoria County indicate that he can provide the new leadership that law enforcement sorely needs,” said Daniel Basfield, President of the Fraternal Order of Police Local 157-3, representing the Peoria County Correctional Officers. Citing the State’s Attorney’s direct impact on the safety of correctional officers, Basfield added, “With LaHood, we can ensure that incarcerated individuals will respect correctional officers and make for a safer workplace.”

Basfield continued, “Our officers believe it is time for a change in the State’s Attorney’s office because the current State’s Attorney has not tried cases for correctional officers as diligently as they should be tried thereby putting the officers in harm’s way. The present State’s Attorney’s support of our Department has dwindled over the years by not prosecuting violent crimes committed against our officers.”

LaHood said the collective voice of the correctional officers, along with the overwhelming support of other law enforcement in Peoria County speaks volumes. “These are the individuals who are on the front lines here in Peoria. They interact daily with murderers, rapists and other violent criminals. If they receive no support from the State’s Attorney, something is terribly wrong. I wholeheartedly respect what these people put on the line on a daily basis and know they go the extra mile to protect all of our families. As State’s Attorney, I intend to go the extra mile to give them the assurance and support that they desperately need.”

The Correctional Officers endorsement follows prior endorsements from the Peoria Police Department, the Peoria County Sheriff’s Deputies, the Bartonville Police Department and the Chillicothe Police Department.

Darin LaHood, 40, was born and raised in Peoria. He is a former Chief Terrorism and Federal Prosecutor who served four years with the U.S. Department of Justice in Las Vegas, Nevada. LaHood was also an Assistant State’s Attorney in both Tazewell and Cook counties. LaHood and his wife, Kristen, returned home to Peoria in 2005 to raise their three children: McKay, Luke, and Teddy. LaHood currently practices with the Peoria law firm of Miller, Hall, & Triggs. Darin and Kristen are active in numerous Peoria charitable and civic organizations and are members of St. Vincent de Paul Church. Visit to learn more about Darin, volunteer opportunities, or to contribute to the campaign.


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Anonymous said...

Merdle: You are obviously a smart man; don't let any policef organizations self-motivated interest in this race influence. both are decent men, but where was La Hood an "aggressive prosecutor"? He has zero experience in the field of trials, but he is a deent young man. Let's be objective about this.