Monday, June 16, 2008


Glen Beck said last night that over 6,000 Mexicans had been killed in drug wars along the Mexico-U.S.A. border in the last 2 1/2 years. Figure at least twice that many killed in drug wars in our country over the same period of time. Figure 25,000 killed each year in the U.S.; 16,000 vehicle related, through abuse of alcohol. Figure approximately 3000 killed on 9/11 by terrorists.

Compare with approximately 300,000 Iraqi's killed by the Saddam regime. Compare with the loss of life of approximately 4,000 Americans and allies in 5 years of terrorist attacks in Iraq with American deaths showing a rapid descent. Compare 13,000 service deaths during the 8 years Clinton was president.

Compare with Democrat Harry Truman dropping two atomic bombs on Japan to prevent further Allied and Japanese deaths.

Now prove that the war on drugs is winning. Statistics clearly show this is a war we are losing. Statistics show that 70% of the 2 million plus people incarcerated in the U.S. have a drug or mental health issue or both. What great strides are we making to win this drug and mental health war?

I have a Grandson patrolling in Baghdad. He says his unit has a job to do and they intend to do it. Compare what he is doing with what a large number of you are doing; whining about George Bush and shouting about what a great citizen of this country we have in Barack Hussein Obama. At least 25% of Obama supporters read less than 4 books a year. His college supporters are being taught by left wing and pacifist teachers. Many who support him believe that the government has all the answers to a peaceful, prosperous society. Others who support him, some of them my friends have bought into his charisma. Please read more history and read more facts about both candidates.

While neither candidate is ideal, this country has never had a perfect president, one should stand out as the one you would most trust to lead us.

I have read more than a dozen books on the Mideast and dozens of columnists, liberal, far left, moderate and far right. One cannot make any type of informed judgments without separating facts from fiction, facts from half-truths and facts from outright lies. Informed judgments come from all these sources. By reading, listening carefully, asking the right questions and using ours brains to comprehend, it should not be difficult to elect the one who represents experience, knowledge and wisdom.

While some of you are whining, what are you doing about the Islamic schools in our big cities teaching Jihad, teaching kids to kill apostates, adulters and anyone who doesn't agree with their fundamentalist beliefs? Do we believe that the radical and fundamentalist Syrians, Iranians, Saudia Arabians, Usama and the Taliban, the Hezbollah and Fatah to name a few who would love to see all Jews dead, anyone who helps protect them and all non-believers dead by any means, care about most of us?

We have a very large number of cowards in this country giving solace to our enemies; not just enemies in the traditional sense but terrorists or faux terrorists who hid behind viscous attacks on those who try to keep this a relatively free country.

I personally resent anyone who keeps attacking our administration while we have friends, loved ones and citizens protecting us while we live in relatively safe environments with tremendous opportunities. We still live in what is still considered by those trying to enter our country by ANY means as the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Many of us are trying, against increasingly mounting odds, as generations before us dreamed, worked, struggled, fought and died, injured physically and mentally, most all because of a sense of duty to preserve and create a better now and a better future for our successors.

The day everyone is pleased, happy, satisfied, dependent on government to cure our ills, and lazy; is the day we will face another Hitler type and there will be no United States of America to save this world.


Merle Widmer said...

"Charter Schools Shouldn't Promote Islam" is the title of a 6/14/08 article by Katherine Kersten, a columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. You've got to read this lady. What she is reporting is is really happening in many of the cities accross the United States. It is devasting.

For those interested you can find Ms. Katherine Kersten and her articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the web and also information about the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy that should frighten anyone concerned about the future of this country and what WILL happen if Barack Obama is elected to the highest office in our country

Merle Widmer said...

I should have clarified "publicly funded charter schools".

However; no school should teach kids to hate America and that "promoting Jihad" is permissable anywhere in this country.

Our "freedoms" may become the eventual demise of this "land of the free".