Sunday, May 18, 2008

How Big Brother Stole the American Spirit

"Who stole the American Spirit, ask Gary D. Jones of Belvidere, Il., in a letter to the editors of the WSJ. No one, he says. "Many Americans have chosen to abandon it in favor of blind faith in government solutions. They seem to have forgotten (some never new about "spirit")that the government got it's strength from the people, not the other way around".

In defense of many of those who are unhappy with what goes on while existing on this sphere; I believe that most of us are unhappy; look at the number of divorces and suicides and drug use (don't forget to count excessive use of alcohol as a drug), at many times during our lives; most of us still do not look for government to do things we should do ourselves. There probably are more crooked citizens than there are corrupt politicians. There probably are as many "tort" capitalists as there are "tort" attorneys. There are as many incompetent people in businesses as there are in the public sector. There are probably as many college graduates disappointed in job offerings existing in their chosen fields when they graduated as there will be this year. There are disappointed people who didn't set a foot in college because they weren't college material or felt they didn't need advanced education.

Hopefully, as in the past, there will be more less unhappy and disappointed people who will help pull this country out of the seduction offered by socialism. These I refer to as the "responsible culture".

I believe people who have climbed on the "change" bandwagon with the "Pied Piper" are down deep as disenchanted with themselves as they are with the Democrat and Republican politicians. They want change but they are expecting someone else to be the "changees". And they aren't sure what it is they want changed unless it gives them more money to spend, now. Who is going to pay for it after they are gone is not their problem.

But it is always easy to pass the blame to government and capitalism. It's becoming harder to accept responsibility. In fact, that is the way many have been brought up and the feeling of less responsibility is accentuated by the liberal medias.

What shocks await people in future years. Those with degrees in psychiatry will flourish.

So sad.

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Brad Carter said...

Hi Merle.
I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything, but I have an honest question for you: Isn't the current administration, along with the current and past Congresses during the same time period, precisely the Big Brother your post is referring to? The administration wants to save us by treating everyone as equals, that is we are all guilty until proven innocent. For example, the warrantless wiretaps that you have been in favor of. I tried to go back through your archives to see what else you were in agreement with, but I have a limited amount of time to blog. I know you support McCain, though not as your choice - just the best choice in your opinion, but he, Obama, and Clinton have ALL been part of the problem of "stealing the American Spirit".

I agree with the premise of your post. Being responsible for ones self is the foundation on which to build the "American Spirit", but when the "Big Brother" slave master has you always looking over your shoulder, how much harder is it to pursue happiness?

The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Homegrown Terrorism Act, and even parts of FEMA are all a noose around every Americans neck just waiting for the three legged chair to wobble just enough to sttrangle us. Not a lot of freedom or spirit in that, I would say. When you support any of these policies or ANY politician that supports these policies, you are supporting Socialism and probably more correctly Communism. Is that what you want?