Sunday, May 18, 2008

Civics 101

From my daughter Mary Jo Greytak come the following: "Post-Dispatch (St. Louis) editorials and select letters to the editors would lead one to believe that the state of the union is all the fault of president George W. Bush, that he has complete control and that Congress is helpless to make changes necessary to lower gas prices and solve other problems causing the present distress on the economy.
A quick check of my Civics 1012 book proved what I suspected. Democrats control both houses of Congress and can pass legislation needed to correct problems--problems that have been exacerbated greatly since Democrats took control 16 months ago.
If they caused that much damage since taking control, should we consider removing them from office?" Author - Jim Enright of Oakville

Thanks, M.J.. we get a lot of Bush bashing up here and he does deserve a lot of criticism. He has been in office more than 7 years and most of the time he had a Republican Congress. they could have done more on immigration control, drug proliferation, health care and pushed much harder for nuclear energy and rail movement of people and merchandise. Now the costs are rising offsetting some of the advantages that could have been offered had his administration and Republican leadership pushed harder for change.

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Brad Carter said...

The lines of Congressional (legislative) and Presidential (executive) powers have been so blurred over the last 20 years, or more, because "We the People" have become ignorant of our DUTIES and rights. Now we get 30 second sound bytes in the media (both liberal and conservative) of politicians grand-standing, finger pointing, and blaming someone else... and that is what the general public takes as truth or fact. It's a shame that people don't remember the little they should have learned in high school civics that WE don't have to allow it to continue.
Like you say Merle, read a book once in a while.