Friday, February 22, 2008

Priorities for America

It's too bad more politicians don't think like Robert Lohman of Bartonville. Robert wrote in a LTTE in the JS on 2/21 a to-do list for our next president:
Encourage private business to start rebuilding our rail transportation,(they are, thousands of miles are in planning or now being built) build new oil refineries, (we are not, too much resistance from the radical environmentalists) Drill for oil in the West and Alaska, get the EPA of our backs, (and the radical enviromentalists and the Bureau of Land Use) get the federal government out of the school business and leave these affairs up to the state, (before that can happen the structure of public schools have to be completly rebuilt as they are in some larger communities) If people smoke and cannot afford medical insurance, then they should not be elgible for federal medical assistance for the purchase of insurance. If they can afford tobacco, they can afford to buy insurance, (let's go for drug addicts and alcoholics also) no more free medical care for illegal's. When they come to the emergency room for treatment they should be taken care of and deported. No more free anything for illegals. If a child is born in this country to an illegal, then the child should not automatically become a citizen. How and when did this ever get started? (A question not hard to handle. Politicians catering to special interests and seeking reelection. Churches and privately funded agencies should handle medical care costs. They are the ones who shelter illegals, find jobs for them and encourage them to stay here. The hospitals who give free medical care pass the costs on to private pay or the government who makes up the deficit by tax collections. Illegals do pay sales taxes and other fees but they ship most of this money that could be used to support education, public safety and medical care here, back to the country they come from.)

Robert concludes, "Finally, we need to move away from our trek towards socialism and in November elect a president who will give more attention to the American taxpayer and what is good for th U.S.A."

Well said, Robert. I hope you are involved in politics at some level. For the man you described who would work to do most of this, there is only one candidate, even with all his warts, and that is John McCain.

The () are all mine, but Robert and I are pretty much on the same page. I hope all who think like us vote in November.


ben said...

You think McCain is the small-gov't candidate? Did you fall for the same lies when Dubya told them? The only small-gov't candidate in the race is Dr. Ron Paul. McCain is this election's Kerry. He will flip-flop to whatever position he needs to hold in order to gain votes.

To exaggerate only slightly... Vote Ron Paul, or you're voting for a lizard. (with apologies to Douglas Adams -- see for full quote)

Merle Widmer said...

Most (if not all) candidates do flip-flop. When facts change, change to accept the facts. McCain says no new taxes. There are some taxes that may be necessary; public gambling, gentlemen's clubs, or autombile racing that pollutes the atmosphere to name a few. The facts may cause him to change his mind and then the press will be all over him,

If you read me 3 or so years ago I said I would chose the lesser of two candidates that would screw up this country. I chose Bush. History, I believe will prove that Bush was on most of the right paths; he surrounded himself with many of the wrong people and got lost and wouldn't admit it and then shed himself of some of the right people like Colin Powell. Remember, the old saying "one for all and all for one" was popular with the Nazis. Then remember history about how Lincoln kept his cabinet divided.

The choice the Demos offered was not palatable to me.

Ron Paul thinks a lot like I do. He has a poor following and would not have support in running the government if elected.

ben said...

I agree completely that people do (and should) 'flip-flop' when facts change. What I'm talking about however, is flip-flopping as pandering. McCain used to have much stronger stances against torture and against the religious right. No longer, and it's all in the pursuit of more power. Disgusting, although I may yet consider him a 'lesser of two evils' come November. Still, I hate to vote for a lizard.