Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama Working Across Party Lines - I Think Not

The more I hear this candidate talk, the more I fear for the future of this country. Did you listen to his demagoguery in Houston? An idealist? Maybe so at this time but once elected, I think not. Even Democrats should be listening to what he is saying, not just read his books, "ghosted" by others to make him sound as Terry Bibo of the JS, would say, a "mild mannered Arthur Ashe".

In Houston, he came off his "we are not red and blue but all partisians working for a common goal." In Houston, he advocated that he was about as far left wing as he could go. One person said she was put in mind of Rosemary Clooney's hit "Come on a-My-House, I'm gonna give you everything."

This man is about as socialistic and populist as any candidate for office I have ever listened to. I reiterate; he is scary. Listen carefully to the words he is saying and try not be carried away by his charisma. The world has been led down many a "primrose path" by men who could charm their way into a woman's pants and a man's wallet.

The ability to charm and promise voters who haven't voted in their lifetimes to stop this and that, promise everybody a $2500 rebate on their health insurance, to to bring our troops home now. All without the slighest idea of how he is going to do this without taxing us similar to Denmark, is not a valid reason to elect a man with NO record of ever working across party lines, to be President of this still great country.

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AdamB said...

What do you have against Denmark?