Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Assessing Peoria County Assessments 2/13/08

A "Letter to the Editors" of the Journal Star.

My home fair value was increased by my Township Assessor by $46,0 00 for year 2008. The County Board of Appeals denied my request to have it assessed at it's actual lower value. No one asked to look inside my home, or outside either (aerial photo) they just calculated by a formula. My only recourse is to appeal to the state. Four houses nearby sold recently, some on the market 2 years, were all sold below asking price. One was withdrawn for lack or a reasonable price. A new sale nearby went 20% below the asking price.

It's said by many that unless we build a new museum, expand our zoo, build new schools, build and expand our city libraries (50% of all voters in Peoria do not pay property tax) that we will drive people and businesses out of Peoria. Many believe that the acceleration of property taxes will be that driving force instead. A neighbor moved to Tennessee recently where he pays 2/3 less tax on a same value home close by a large city. Houses in Minnesota, Missouri, Texas and Arizona are taxed one half or less than in Peoria.

Look at your tax bill, Peoria County gets 13%, the Peoria City 11%, School District #150, about 58% and the balance to other taxing bodies like the park, libraries and I.C.C. The County Board does not set the property tax formula.

A recent email from a County homeowner says "How can a man's home be his castle, if a man's house is a heavy yoke around his neck?", and an article in the 12/18/07 WSJ, "High Property Taxes Spark Outcry", (and revolt), I suggest Peoria County is operating under a flawed assessment system. It appears all valuations are either black or white.

Satisfied with your assessment? Then make up the $24 million shortfall for the museum or join me in protest.

Merle Widmer
Vice-Chairman, Peoria County Board
612 W. Collingwood Cr.
Peoria 61614

My thanks to Mike Bailey of the JSEB for running this letter in today's JS.

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Peoria AntiPundit said...

Ouch, you sound bitter here also Merle. Too damn bad your assessment is so high but you are on the County Board. Isn't that like a chicken hiring Col Sanders to watch the coop?