Thursday, October 11, 2007

Additions to my blogroll

I have added the following 15 bloggers to my blogroll. They were chosen because they are well-written and come highly recomended. Please visit these sites:

O'Brien's Briar Patch.
Blargen Blog.
The Usual Suspects.
Name This Peoria Landmark.
Marathon Pundit.
Peoria Rocks!
Grandma's Attic.
Notes from the Trailerhood.
Keep Passing the Open Windows.
A Moment of Zentz.
Chef Kevin
Pointlessly Hypertechnical.
Out on a Limb.
Morton Malaise.
Blue Ollie.


reno said...

Thanks for the plug.

Kevin Lowe said...

Thanks for adding me. I'll let Linda (Grandma's Attic) know you added her too.

You have a great blog. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great blogs all! Keep up the good work!

Katie said...

Thank you for adding me!

Diane Vespa said...

Thanks for the mention. Just caught this! I have added you to my blogroll, likewise.