Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flags and Allegations

The flags at the Courthouse have been taken down because of severe winds. I post this in case P.L.of the JS thinks it’s a story.

I can’t post this short of a blog so I’ll add a comment about what I read by Claire Jellick in today’s JS. “Teachers at Roosevelt Magnet School have taken a no confidence vote----------ect.” So how many teachers are there at Roosevelt and what was the vote count and what are the allegations that would require a teachers vote? What was the ITF’s role in the plot? Were all the teachers union members? Is the principal supporter, Chatea Green, a member of the union?

Why question whether the union was involved? It takes a battery of lawyers to fire a union teacher but the administration can remove a principal.

This appears to be old news as Ken Hinton was notified by letter on May 23. There are many good teachers in #150 but there are also a sizeable number that many of us would enter a “no confidence” vote is we thought anyone would listen.

“The principal did not return phone messages and emails.” Surprise and really, why should she be tried and convicted by a newspaper reporter?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Merle

You are so right!! This Principal expectsteachers to teach all children and holds teachers responsible. It was very interesting that the teachers did the no confidence vote while the principal was gone.

You are also right that if you have a teacher that is not holding up their responsibilities, it is impossible to get rid of them. That is when the children suffer.

Anonymous said...

crazy ill-informoned old man

Anonymous said...

"why should she be tried and convicted by a newspaper reporter?"

American media is as arrogant as Euro media it seems.