Sunday, May 13, 2007

Peoria Park Board - Part 7 of a Series

Continuing with reports printed in the JS on 4/17/06, “What strikes us is that two school board member aren’t speaking of proposed locations. They write as if this was pretty much a done deal. And if they are waiting for the Peoria Public Park District’s approval, why were they talking to the McCord’s?

Something else is puzzling; why didn’t the Park Board seek public input before agreeing to the deal?

In 1994, a developer wanted some of the park for a new store, and Park Board President Tim Cassidys response was: It’s not my land, it’s the public’s land and the public has a right to know what is going on and to be heard.” Hmmmmmm.

On April 25,2006, the JS reported “District 150 superintendent Ken Hinton announced Monday that the district will “suspend” its efforts to buy properties near Glen oak Park so that the School Board can hold a public forum and decide whether it want to continue its pursuit of the Glen Oak Park school site.” Hinton said the district “would continue to negotiating with property owners until 9:00 A.M Wednesday. Hinton said the district has already made commitments to six owners and intends to follow thru with these purchases and with others that may be agree upon before the deadline. Hinton said it’s the district’s intent to buy these properties even if the Glen Oak school site is abandoned.

On May 2, the JS reported that a forum attended by approximately 250 people to solicit opinions of on the proposed school site on park property that out of thirty community members who stepped to the podium, not a single one voiced support for the park site.

On May 3, 2006, Superintendent Kin Hinton of Dist 150 said that the school district would research the cost to rebuild and renovate the existing school site and investigate all proposals that had been made on May 2.

This is Part 7 of a Series I am blogging as to why certain Park Board Tapes MIGHT have been "accidently" ERASED.

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