Thursday, May 10, 2007

Emails 5/10/07

Just a reminder. I receive a lot of emails that I do not recognize the sender or cannot identify the sender. Because of my fear of viruses, I do not open them.

I also receive emails with attachments my computer can not open because my computer says I am not on the same system as the sender. I am in the phone book or you can write me or send your email address through a friend I know.


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ben said...

Merle, it is unfortunate that Microsoft has paralyzed you with fear. Why don't you try Mac OS X or Ubuntu Linux?

If you (a) set your email client to only accept text emails, and (b) don't open attachments that are suspect, you should be safe from email-transmitted malware. That is true, regardless of your computer's operating system. (though I will still recommend that you avoid MS Windows :) )