Monday, April 09, 2007

Peoria, Illinois: Great Publicity - Read and Pass on

Check out the article about Peoria on this site http://money.cnnmagazines/fsb archives/2007/04/01/8403862/index.htm?postversion=2007040906. Forwarded by our Mayor and soon to be reelected Councilman George Jacob.

Keep the faith; hold property taxes steady, offer well paying jobs, offer a skilled and ready workforce and maintain and improve the infrastructure of Peoria and the region served by Peoria. Build on these criteria and seekers will find us.

Build tax collecting and spending enhancements and amenities as we can afford to pay for them. Enhancements and amenities help, but are not the major factors that attract new businesses to Peoria.

Kudos to the Heartland Partnership and it’s entities and to all others who lead as responsible citizens, and certainly, the entire private and the other public sectors leaders who work toward attainable visions.

To make projects as described in this FSB article come true, correct planning and implementation decisions, a lot of hard work and strong leadership working together will determine what will be the history of this community in the next decade.

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Mazr said...

Merle, it all boils down to 150. People may come to work at the great high paying jobs that may come in the future, but if the school system is bad, they'll live in Dunlap or across the river.