Saturday, November 04, 2006


In a new mailing sent out today to all voters in County Board District # 11, my opponent does not mention her background. She does not mention she is a member of the Illinois Federation of Teachers that the Journal Star calls a “militant union” that the Journal Star accuses of “Why District #150 Went Broke”. (JS June 18, 2005) Is she ashamed of being a union member? She shows a picture of paint, oil and other poisons being dumped in a landfill. Those wastes are banned by the City/County Landfill and PDC. She is pulling the usual dirty tricks most associated to some in the Democrat Party of which she is a member and that have confused and driven many voters away from the ballot boxes or is she ignorant of the facts?

She says the JS say’s Widmer’s “weakness is communications” but doesn’t mention that the Journal Star endorsed me over her and that my peers on the County Board elected me Vice-Chairman at the start of my second term.. She interviewed with the JS and the PAC and both endorsed me over her. She doesn’t mention I grew a business from $0 to $11,000,000 a year sales and am recognized by the community as a community leader

I’ll stand on my record of 40 years in this community. She stands on her record as a volleyball coach. She is a proven prefabricator and a militant teacher’s union bargaining agent.

You want a militant prefabricator with limited experience on the County Board? The majority of the community and the county board including Democrats have told me they want me to remain working with them on the County Board.

I do my part on litter; I did not put up yard signs that eventually wind up in the Peoria/County Landfill where my opponent reputedly buries her paint, oil and rat poison in closed plastic bags that are not inspected before dumping. My household recycles and takes waste that is untreated like paint, batteries, oil and poisons to specified collection centers in Peoria County.

Everything that goes in the 28 year old PDC Landfill is approved by the IEPA and thoroughly inspected and cleansed before being contained in a dry tomb.

I ask my readers to call their friends on my behalf and ask that they vote to retain honest and responsible people in government.

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