Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet Ramsey

“Suspect nabbed in JonBenet slaying” is a header in the JS today and later Fox News quotes the alleged killer as saying “he loved her” and didn’t mean to kill her. He said it was "an accident". Probably not, he just meant to molest this 6 year old child. The media reports that there are a lot of young girls on the streets in Thailand where I believe he was at the time of his arrest. The law is pretty lenient toward child abuse in Thailand, I hear.

All these years the Ramsey family lived under a cloud of suspicion and mother Patsy Ramsey is dead. What a horrible scenario of crimes committed and slanderous suspicions put on the whole Ramsey family. I suspect like the Iranians and the Holocaust, many people will still not believe the alleged killer did the deed and the Ramsey’s are guilty too, even if he is convicted

Credit the law with never giving up on the case? Maybe, time will tell whether they knew all along and were just inefficient or whether new evidence turned up. I hope it is the later. Credit the media? Maybe, here again time may tell. Could this be another case similar to the O.J. Simpson case where prosecution will fail to seat a non-prejudicial jury, will pick a weak judge and weak prosecutor? Will the alleged killer go free? Why did it take so long to tie him to the murder? How unfortunate.

We could not get along without the media and law enforcement agencies. However, both institutions are sometimes held as above the law themselves. When the Journal Star slandered me a number of years ago, I was told by my attorney that no slander or libel lawsuit had ever been won against the printed media in Illinois in the past 40 years. So Journalists can write what they want with impunity. The JS, being our most widely read distributor of the news, prints many errors and half-truths, some of which appear to be deliberate. Most vicious writers are Terry Bibo and Phil Luciano. Also, Andy Kravetz, JS writer, friend of the man who threatened to take my M-F head off in numerous threatening ways, couldn’t read a police report years ago that clearly stated that the man who threatened to remove my M—F in numerous ways was the aggressor, not me. Andy turned it around and printed that I was the aggressor. (To the credit of Kravetz did say he was sorry if he caused me any pain) Finally Jack Brimeyer allowed an article to be published as a correction buried on P. 11, Section B, and lower left hand corner. Even then when I was told “this mild mannered Arthur Ashe type fellow would send a man up from the Southside to do kill me, I made the mistake of replying that “I would need an equalizer” and the JS reprinted my statement insinuating that saying I needed to protect myself from a potential killer, was a no-no.

Bibo took out her wrath on me because I went over her head with a revelation that a certain fund raiser in the area was keeping 90% of the proceeds. That’s right, 90% and I can prove. Bibo didn’t think it was story; I did and went over her head. (The story never did get printed but now I understand the fund raiser is only keeping 85% of the take.) Bibo, the far left female Don Quixote writer of the Journal Star, got her revenge with a bundle of outright lies that she printed in the JS to try to ruin my reputation. She wrote an article about the black man aggressor living with a white woman both long gone from the community but not forgotten; a man who threatened my life, calling him a mild mannered Arthur Ashe, and I, 30 years older, was a rich mean racist capitalist.

Phil Luciano wrote half-truths and lies about me recently. When I called Luciano in anger unfortunately he wasn’t in so I left my message to him stating “that if A-H’s could fly, he would be a jet.” Knowing the character of Luciano, I sure he delighted in playing my recording to anyone who would listen. If he will send me a transcript of my message to him, I will be glad to print it on this blog site. The JSEB then repeated the half-truths causing me to write a letter to the editor in my defense. The JSEB did print my letter.

What has this got to do with the tragedy of JoBenet and her family? You’ll know when you have been falsely accused or smeared with half-truths by the media. (Many of you like Ron Jones, already have been) As to the law enforcement agencies in this area? They are by record, pretty top notch. So are the large majority of newspapers, journalists and publishers.

As I go door to door in my campaign efforts people often ask me why I want to be in the political eye and take the abuse. I say, I’ve been abused so much, I’ve learned to deal with it fairly well I also tell them I do it because I haven’t completed my obligation to serve the community. Also, no community leader from the Republican Party stepped forward and said they wanted to run for my position. So I’m asking to be reelected for one final term. Then I’ll be free to write on all the material in my files and learn to shorten my blogs.


Cheryl Shelabarger said...

Many years ago I lived in the Quad Cities where I worked for a low income government housing project while I was in college. We had many senior citizens as well as families in our complex.

One day two little girls snuck over to K-Mart and stole some candy. I will never forget hearing one of the mothers screaming at her "Where did you get this candy? Were you up in the senior section around that old guy that sits out in his yard?"

(To make a long story short, one of our seniors used to sit in a lawn chair, and he always had a little dish of candy out in his yard with him in case his grandchildren came by. Oftentimes, neighborhood children would talk him out of a piece or two.)

By the time the whole thing was finished, the mother was shaking her daughter saying "Did he put his hands on you?" Well, the little girl finally shook her head yes and the mother became instantly UN-ANGRY at the child and REALLY angry at the old man. The mother kept asking more and more leading questions to which the child just shook her head in agreement to everything and anything. The next thing I knew, the Father of that child grabbed his shotgun and headed to the senior section. Thankfully the police arrived just in time to prevent a horrible tragedy.

After the police interviewed the children, they were able to ascertain that the children had stolen the candy from K-Mart and had been nowhere near the terrified old man. Everyone then went into the house and closed their doors (except for the old man who had been handcuffed and sitting in the back seat of a squad car during the questioning of the children...he ended up going to the hospital with chest pains)

From that day forward, all of the tenants and children referred to him as "The Candy Man who molests little girls".

Pretty tragic that we are so quick to jump to accuse but somehow we just never quite accept the real truth.

Anonymous said...

Merle: would you do us all a favor and publisdh the name of the socalled charitable institution who keeps somuch of the donations? I give a lot of money away and I want to be sure to avoid this one- please do it. roman II

Merle Widmer said...

Sent my information including the name of the fund-raiser to Terry Bibo about 4-5 years ago and did not keep a copy as she promised to return my file. She nither wrote on the rip-off or returned my file. Included in the material I sent Bibo was a newspaper clip from a Springfield newspaer showing State Repressentative Timothy Johnson voting absentee by inserting a paper clip in his voting button.

The charitable clubs were all well-meaning and well known social clubs raising money for childrens programs. One club I know but now cannot prove had the fund raiser charged $8.00 for tickets to a children's show at the downtown Shrine Temple. The club received .80 per ticket. The club raised over $5,000.00 on the event. Go figure. The fund raiser showed an address in E. Peoria

Anonymous said...

well, I guess we still can't prove the media has been lying about the Ramsey's.....