Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Litter Control

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis has appointed Stephen J. Perez, a Caterpillar Strategic Consultant to head up a group to address the litter problems in the community. First meeting is tomorrow at 1:15-2:15 P. M. at the city office of Steve Fairbanks. The stated purpose is to “create a team that will be able to initiate and oversee the process development, to clean up Peoria’s litter problem”.

As you might imagine this move to get serious about the litter problem is good news for most of us who live in Peoria. Good luck and may all good citizens pitch in.

Unfortunately, litter is just one of the many disturbing symptoms facing this community as evidenced by the voter turnout of only 22% of all registered voters yesterday.

We need more good news for this community and the turn around of the Bradley basketball team is good news for all of Peoria.

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Scott said...

I have two words..."Litter Tax". It worked in Chicago and brought in additional needed revenue.