Monday, March 13, 2006

Landfill Siting Testimony

Visit and find on the sidebar to the left your options and read the six days of testimony, evidence and opinions regarding the siting application by Peoria Disposal to expand Landfill #1 Hazardous Waste site. You need to be as well informed as the county board even IF you have already made a decision on granting or denying the application. I believe it is the duty of every citizen in Peoria County to at least read the testimony if they didn’t attend the hearings.

The decision of the county board will be made public on a meeting open to the public on May 3. I can perhaps help guide you to certain testimony that you may wish to examine but I will not make any comments on testimony presented.

You can also visit the Peoria County Clerks office and view all the hardcopy testimony.

1 comment:

B. Ridley Critz, III said...

This theory about "safe" vs. "unsafe" is not the only question. First, safe or not, it is ugly. Second, while I personally believe the company is trying to do a decent job of making it as safe as possible, people have a right to FEEL safe. Regardless of the company's intention, many here do not, and with at least some reason.

Thus, I think it is long past time to ask this business to find many other sites for waste. Use the one in Peoria County for trash from Peoria County, whether or not dangerous stuff. Put Tazewell County's in a dump there. Put Iowa's in a number of dumps there, one per county.

When the cost of handling material deemed unsafe is coupled with the expense of processing at multiple sites instead of one, the cost to handle will go up. WAY up. Then, the handlers must charge a higher fee. Perhaps by the pound per household. So be it. Pay if you play, and you may play less--a good thing.

Why should Peoria County be the idiots who take trash while allowing all of those other counties to be a bunch of NIMBYs? Not In My Back Yard, either, not with YOUR trash. Put MY trash in my back yard.

Besides, at the rate we are classifying trash as potentially hazardous, we'll need the whole damned site just for our own in a few years. Force others to site their own trash.

Merle, vote NO to the expansion request, please.