Thursday, July 07, 2005

It Could Have Been Us

They know we have enough cowards, Pacifists and ACLU in this country to scare us by attacking England first so that our white flag wavers can screech their pitiful voices thru weak kneed newspapers like the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Daily Tribune, USA Today and the Journal Star, just to name a few. Count on it, go hide now because their WILL be a terrorist strike of some size in this country. They are letting us worry because they know we cannot stop them. (We can’t even stop gangs in Peoria from terrorizing parts of our city.) We let our underbelly get soft, we let our public school system all but collapse. We let the liberal intelligentsia take over our colleges and we opened our borders to almost anyone except the type of early settlers who fought hardship and settled our country from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Abolish the death penalty! Go to bat for the terrorists, ACLU, be sure they get a 10 year taxpayer funded fair trial. We are above the other countries that practice torture to save lives. We are too civilized. We will become barbarians like them. Our reputation for fairness will be ruined.

Bullcrap!! Death is too good for those who are perpetuating terrorist strikes against innocent people all over the world!

Let me tell you America, wake up. We must fight terror with terror. The barbarians are at the gate; throw the peace-niks over the wall first. Then let those of us with guts, fight these murderers with every weapon known to mankind. For those of you who still think these murderers want peace, I suggest you offer yourselves to them as doves. In fact, do it thru your “Letters to the Editors”. Only give them your real name and addresses.

The Muslims say these terrorists are a small minority which is probably so. You Muslims and people of Islam and who are American citizens must step forward and condemn the murderers. Help us find their financial sources and point out the ones who applauded and abetted 9/11 and other worldwide bombings such as the cowardly attack in London. Those who do not honor, respect and are not willing to defend the country they live in, should be asked to leave and if they don’t leave, ship them to places like Iran or Dafur.

For those of you who compare Guantanamo to the Japanese interments in WW2 show your ignorance of history. The Japanese were interred because of their race which we all know was a mistake. We painted all Japanese with a common brush. By leaning over backwards to protect the rights of Muslims and people of the Islamic faith, we may have the opposite effect in failing to separate the good citizens from the bad. The terrorists interred at Gitmo were rounded up in terrorist sweeps or actual battle. We know that many Japanese, Italians and German citizens and residents of this country have always served honorably in conflict supporting the USA in wars against their countries of birth or origin. We know most Muslims who live here support us. It’s the ones that are using our freedoms to destroy us and are the ones that should be in prison or deported. Our problems are not with any one race of people, it has been with those who do not respect our laws and our rights of freedom.

We need to get new laws into effect that allows us to use the military tribunal system because we are in a war, no matter what some of you may wish to call it. Justice should be administered with a heavy hand for those who seek to destroy us.

Just as on 9/11, today becomes another day on which we will give up more of our freedoms because of the actions of a few. Remember our school days when we had to give up the ones who created the problem lest we all lose our freedoms?
We are in a much, much, more serious situation. We are and have been in a long term battle for survival. Get used to our “toughening up” or get out of this country or at least get out of our way.. AS THE OLD SAYING GOES, WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING! We have let our softness and greed and in many cases our egos put us in the situation we are now in. Few wanted us to be where we are now and pacifism methods should have never been solutions. The enemy has no respect of their own people’s lives, let alone any care about ours. It’s not too late to get tough!!

There are enough of us supporting our government to help it rise to the occasion. We have no other choice except to live in terror the rest of our days..

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed / and everywhere the Ceremony of Innocence is drowned.” (W. B. Yeats)



Wow Merle! Remind me not to terrorize you any time soon!
:-) Pleasure meeting you at the 4th of July Chiefs game...

Stormin' Norman said...

Don't be brainwashed by US government propaganda. 50 years ago they said Communism was the greatest threat to the American way of life. Since then, think of how many freedoms our government has taken away from its own citizens. Uncle Sam wants his people to live in fear so he can steal away even more of these freedoms. Give me the Second Amendment and a loaded handgun at my bedside, and I'll have no problem sleeping at night while keeping all enemies at bay--both foreign and domestic...

Merle Widmer said...

stormin' norman,

I once told Ray LaHood to ask our Federal Government to stop scareing us at every oppurtunity. Ray just smiled.

We should be alert, informed and vigilant and retain the right to defend ourselves and our families. Problem is the leadership of our enemies has gotten more cowardly and dirty and they really don't care how many of their own uneducated people they kill as long as they keep killing and terrorizing the free world and their own people; people most of who would like to have the freedoms we still enjoy.

Anonymous said...


Have you served in the military?

cal skinner said...

Homeland Security to narrow its focus
Nuclear, biological threats move to fore

By Frank James
Washington Bureau
Published July 14, 2005

From Thursday's Chicago Tribune. (For article, go to Google News and type in "Nuclear, Chicago Tribune.")

I read this after listening to the Michael Savage radio show on Wednesday night. Savage interviewed Dr. Paul Williams, who says there are already 20-40 suitcase nuclear bombs in the US, brought in by a street gang (LA, I think). Also 5000 sleeper agents. He thinks they will be set off before the end of 2005. (For more, Google "Nuclear, Dr. Paul Williams.)

jon said...

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