Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The "Chattering Class"

Scott Wolland of Arlington, Va. wrote an intelligent “letter to the Editors” appearing in the JS on 7/1/05. He said he had recently spoken to both military and civilian personnel who have worked at Guantanamo about those being held for eventual trial. He says what we already know, that those being held would like to get out and murder more Americans. He stated the prisoners are being treated incredibly well with an average gain in weight of 18 pounds. On 7/05 a “Letter to the editor” in the JS from “chatterer” Bill Ohlsen presents no facts in his attempt to discredit Mr. Wolland. This guy Ohlsen, if that is his real name; he’s not listed in the phone book and the only other Ohlsen listed never heard of him, has written venomous letters to the editor before that liberal Mike Bailey evidently can’t wait to print. Note the “chatters” letter appeared only four days after Mr. Wollands sensible letter yet Bailey recently said that he had a backlog of letters, so many in fact that he could not print them all. “Ohlsen” still can’t believe that Bush is President. Most of us realize George is president and we support him and this being a free country, criticize him at times. We do not, however, do so in a manner that gives encouragement to the fundamentalist terrorists. Only the “chattering class” gives solace to the enemy and kills our citizens abroad.

We also believe that Bill Clinton will go down in history as the best lair and least effective president and we did not elect Al Gore or John Kerry because we felt George was the better choice. Still do.

Every stupid letter appearing in print written by the “chattering” class gives solace to the enemy and costs our service people their lives. I hope the parents, wives, husbands and children of those serving are country are saving these letters to show their sons and daughters so they know who the traitors are in our country and those of us who gave our troops support on the home front..

The “chatterers’ do not want to admit that much of the information given to our president, came from holdover bureaucracies of previous administrations. Mistakes were made in the aftermath of the removal of Saddam that have caused more problems than ever anticipated. There will be another election in 2008. In the meantime, a limited number of troops have a hard enough time trying to protect and train these freedom seekers and protect them from their own terrorists without having “chatterers” undermining them at home.

Those imprisoned and receiving adequate care at Guantanamo are some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world. Eventually they will have their day in court. If released before all information is gathered for their trials would only cause more deaths of innocent people. These fundamentalist terrorists made their bed; let them lie in it. Our leadership has them stored safely and humanely until all the facts are ready for eventual successful prosecution. In the meantime, our leadership’s time is taken to prevent more 9/11’s in this country and free the people in Iraq and Afghanistan, keep the economy moving, help the people in Africa and hundreds of other duties that are of greater importance to the well being of our citizenry. If a few are wrongly held I suspect it is no different than the 2,100,000 people incarcerated and probably occasionally mistreated in our jails and prisons in the USA. The “chatterers” should redirect their venom to matters in our own legal systems; but probably not, they would still be the same ignorant people with little or no facts to back up their charges.

A somewhat too silent majority support the efforts to help the Iraqi people escape from fundamentalist religious slavery. We know that if we leave Iraq too soon, civil war will worsen and the MidEast will turn into chaos. To give the enemy an exact timetable would result in more ignorant people killing themselves along with innocent people. We understand that mistakes were made by many of those in leadership positions. It is easy to blame the president. He did not make these mistakes alone. You may recall that almost all of the leadership of the Democrat party was involved one way or another in our countries efforts to forestall further acts of terrorism on our own soil. So far both parties have done a pretty good job of protecting all of us including the “chatterers”.

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Thanks for writing this. I have to say that the very best I can say about the opinion editors of the PJStar (especially when it comes to foreign affairs and the War) is "unoriginal" and "disappointing." Generally, "incompetent" applies. If I wanted the opinion of the New York Times I would read that rag. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Scott Wolland