Wednesday, March 02, 2005


“The execution of Robert Alton Harris, murderer of two teen age boys, has thrown elite opinion makers, (translation bleeding heart liberals) into paroxysms of grief, here and even more so in Europe. Psychologist Craig Haney of the University of California was among those lamenting Harris’s execution. Professor Haney, who spent some time interviewing the condemned, says that Harris “has matured in many ways” during his thirteen years in prison. At the end Harris had only thoughts on others and was not “focused on himself.”

“The teen aged boys Harris coldly executed, after ordering one of them to “stop crying and die like a man,” had no such opportunity to mature. Nor did they have an army of mourners or media focused on every blink of their eye. The New York Times argued that “all that official killing will bring the victim’s survivors is revenge.” (The dictionary describes revenge as “retaliating in kind or degree”). But of course, Harris’s act not only killed his victims, but filled the survivors’ lives with grief and a sense of injustice.”

The article concludes “what the criminal justice system needs is a sturdy dose of personal accountability”.

This article appeared in the newspaper approximately 13 years ago, the same amount of time Harris spent on death row. What a terrible injustice to the survivors of the victim!! What a flawed justice system we have in the United States that permits a cold blooded killer to live another 13 years at the expense of the survivors and the taxpayer.

At the time, I wrote a letter to the editor that was printed in which I stated “all thinking humans favor the death penalty for the majority of heinous crimes. Eventually, law and order will be restored in the world by the people contrary to the liberals and their failed policies.” Unfortunately, “thinking people” have become many of the liberal professors teaching their hate of conservatives to youth, many of who have larger mouths than brains.

Now thirteen years later, the liberals are attempting to get the Supreme Court to ban executions, especially of so called “youths”. Today, we learned of a 14 year old boy who is alleged to have shot and killed the driver of his school bus. This is almost a weekly occurrence in one of our 50 states.

Many college professors, some who have doctoral degrees but couldn’t hold a job in the private sector, are teaching envy, hate and rebellion against the very principles on which this country are founded. One Bradley professor told a group of us that he teaches his class that there are no “truths”. No wonder there are so many depressed and suicidal young people!! (Some students claim that 90% of the college teachers in social studies, history, psychology and liberal arts, are liberal Democrats). An article in the March 7 issue of U.S. News and World Report by John Leo states “liberalism nowadays lacks a vocabulary of right and wrong, declines to discuss virtue except in snickering terms, and seems increasing hostile to prevailing moral sentiments”.

Responsibility and accountability must be brought back to our communities. People who say “well, kids will be kids” do not understand what they are saying. Kids can kill, impregnate (and get pregnant), spread social diseases, bully, steal, lie and abuse authority just like an adult. Until we weaken the control the envious hateful and misguided liberals have in many of our schools and many of our social organizations, we will continue to accelerate to socialism and decline like many old European countries have already done.

George Ryan, an alleged lair and a crook, brought up the death penalty debate to try to cover up his disastrous term as Governor of Illinois. We conservatives must have our voices heard more frequently and demand that anyone of any age lawfully convicted of a heinous crime should be permanently removed from society within a reasonable amount of time. Law, order and justice will only be returned to this country by our demand that all people be held responsible to uphold the laws of this land. For every live taken intentionally by a murderer, dozens of people are left as suffering survivors. Give them speedy lawful justice, including the death penalty, to help right the wrongs inflicted on the victim, survivors and society. Those of any age who intentionally deprive us of life and liberty will not be long missed by most of the survivors and not at all by the mainstream of society.


Stormin' Norman said...

I've always said the quickest way to get rid of the death penalty in this country is for people to quit committing capital crimes...

Merle Widmer said...

Macabre reigns and common sense wanes..This country has more prisons and more security people per capita than any nation in the world. People are not held responsible in this country so why wouldn't those with no common sense, believe they can get away with murder?

Have you visited some public schools lately??

Pammy said...

While I certainly don't consider myself a conservative, I do firmly believe in the death penalty.

What many people don't realize, is that most prisoners have better living conditions in prison than they did at home. Yes, their personal freedom is restricted...but, that seems to be the only punishment, if it can even be called that. Why would this be a deterrent?

They need to know that there WILL be an ultimate price to pay if they commit a capital crime.

DB said...

First off let me say I am a conservative, but I am a conservative who does not support the death penalty.
I do not support the death penalty for one very simple reason - there is too great a possibility of mistakes being made.
Some years ago I had a crucial role in helping prevent a miscarriage of justice - the execution of an innocent man in Texas.
I spent 8 years working on his case.
The courts were not interested in the proof of innocence we had.
Most of the media was not interested in the information we had.
In the end, it was then Gov. George W. Bush who responded to the proof and set him free.
It is sad that a political figure had to step in to right a wrong the courts were not interested in looking at.
I wonder if those of you who support the death penalty are aware that the law of the land in a US Supeme Court case, out of Georgia I believe, stated, "Innocence is no bar to execution."
In other words a proveably innocent person can be executed as long as the person had a fair trial.
It is not likely to happen, but it could.
That does not consitute due process in my view.
I assume those of you commenting in favor have not witnessed an exeuction. I have at Staesville in Joliet.
It was gruesome.
I will carry that memory to my grave. This man was executed in my name and yours.
I have been on Illinois' death row at Pontiac. It is far from a country club.
I am not saying convicts should have it easier. They should have it tough.
But, the death penalty is no answer.
If the death penalty deterred crime Harris County, Texas would be the safest spot on Earth. Yet, Dallas is as dangerous as any other large city.
Harris County executes more people annually than the rest of the nation combined.
If Illinois residents have learned anything about the death penalty it should be that it is a dangerous tool. So far, Illinois has released 13 men from death row whose innocence was proven.
But, in the zeal for answers to the crime problem that little nugget of information often gets overlooked.
This conservative has compassion for the victim and the victim's family.
But this conservative has less faith in the infallability of the criminal justice system than the rest of you I quess.

Anonymous said...

I am totally opposed to the death penalty. Have you counted the number of individuals that were wrongfully convicted? Especially minorities, that have spent many years on death row only to find out that they were not guilty. I just read where an African American spent 23 years on death row and have now been pardoned because he did not commit the crime of rape but was beaten into submission by the police. I would never want anyone to make the mistake of putting some innocent person to death.

Merle Widmer said...

Innocent people die every day. The nine people who died at the hands of a teen were innocent. So was the nine year old who was raped and killed. All accused should have the right to believe they are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Stormin' Norman had it right. Thanks Norman!!