Thursday, October 14, 2004

School Vending Machines

Headliner in the JS says Rockford School District #205 has 10 year, $7.5 million contract with a soft drink company. A suggestion to Peoria School District #150 Board – Rather than make a deal with a soft drink company, make a deal with a bottled water company. One school district in another state did just that and their volume of sales TRIPLED!! With so much obesity, why keep encouraging kids to buy soft drinks and foods that add to the problem? Suggest trying it at one school by replacing the soft drink machines with bottled water machines and chart sales volume and customer satisfaction. I’ll bet most of the parents would buy into the bottled water program. Also, teachers should be encouraging kids to drink more water and less soft drinks in the schoolhouse for the betterment of their health. By not selling soft drinks in the schoolhouse, District #150 would be solving another conflict with private local stores who all sell soft drinks and if the kids want soft drinks after school, let them buy from an entity that pays taxes.


Anonymous said...

Don't need a deal. Water is aready in Peoria schools vending machines. Goes over well too. Soft drink companys have sold water for years. Are you suggesting to ban soft drinks from schools??

Merle Widmer said...

Yes. I should have more clearly stated what the other school did. They banned all soft drinks from the school vending machines. Temporarily misplaced the article I read but believe it was in Forbes or U. S.News and World report. Made sense to me!!

John Benny said...

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