Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Presidential Issues 2004

The television show “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” will be shown on Channel 43, Oct. 22 at 7:00 P.M. A lot of protests and threats to the FCC about this TV show as there was over Michael Moore’s film. As I see this election, a lot a of smoke screens are being thrown up to keep the voting atmosphere highly charged emotionally and to set each group of supporters 100% opposed to the other group. What a way to incite the public into losing sight of the real issues!!

The issues that are important to me and should be important to all of us, are not simple, not easy to accomplish, and can’t be done without a give and take posture by both major parties. I list some of these issues, not necessarily prioritized:

Now that we have won major victories in Iraq, who would be best to lead us out without leaving the Iraqi’s that support us hung out to dry like we did those who supported us in Vietnam?
Who best realizes that the more common a product becomes, the cheaper the price becomes to the consumer and in what country that product is produced no longer matters?
Who best realizes that the above statement is true and that we must continue to lead the world in technical innovation or be left behind by the emerging third world?
Who best realizes that children of immigrants are becoming more vital to the technological advancements of this country than the product being turned out by our flawed public school system?
Who will tax the least with the best economic results?
Who will be least intrusive to our capitalistic way of doing business?
Who would be most effective in stopping our accelerating slide to a more socialist society?
Who best realizes that charity begins at home and that each of us is responsible for putting aside savings other than social security?
Who best can provide affordable health coverage for all our citizenry?
Who understands that drug producers, who at times are their own worst enemy, are so vital to our health, that these producers and innovators must be allowed to make enough profit for themselves and their shareholders, to continue to spend more that $33 billion on R & D annually? Who best realizes that R&D will slow to a trickle if the producers develop a new drug and someone with no R& D costs, sells the same product generically at a much lower cost? Who can reduce costs of medicines without stifling R & D?
Who best understands that the long time boiling underbelly of the Middle East was nearing (no later than 2010) a breakout similar to Hitler’s Germany in the early 1930”s. Who best understands that by striking first we are avoiding WWIII.?
Who best understands that the whole world is looking for stability and the United States is in the best position to lead the way to stability?
Who best realizes that the world was never safe and never will be without constant vigilance?
Who best understands that pacifism has never worked for any long period of time?
Whose values do I most believe in?
Who best understands that entitlements are funded by the taxpayer and should be restricted to necessity?
Who best understands that those who respect and fear us do not need to love us?
Who would make the best decisions to appoint Supreme Court Judges that will have a lot to do with shaping the politics and the lives of our citizenry over the nest forty years?

Leadership of all countries throughout history have made major mistakes and this administration has made their share, largely in failing to realize that those who would kill any infidel under any circumstance, are making Iraq their last major stand. If they succeed in driving us out before we have completed the jobs at hand, the world and your children will soon be living in a greater terror than we in the U.S. could ever imagine.

I respected, feared, and loved my dad and mother. So did my eight other siblings. None of us depended on welfare or spent any time incarcerated or funded by any entitlement than the GI Bill. None of us were highly educated but we all would be considered successes by today’s standards. The world of our conservative republicanism has changed in ways none of us could have ever imagined. I believe the election of the wealthy liberal John Kerry and with the possibility of John Edwards, a tort lawyer as President, is totally unimaginable.

My family’s rules were simple. You misbehaved you were disciplined, the heck with your “self-esteem.” To the boys, my mother said “if you bring a girl home pregnant, I will kick you both out of my house.” Dad & Mom meant what they said. And it worked!! They weren’t “pacifists.” Were they alive to vote today, the Kerry Party would not get their vote.

“What is government but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?” (John Madison)

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Anonymous said...

Excellant article and very sound points.
I'll vote for Bush again.