Friday, September 14, 2018

Journal Star Has Yet To Print This LTE Written By One of the Most Common Sense Resident of Peoria, Il.

Illinois is bleeding red ink, yet our representative keep spending taxpayer money at well.
The City council of Chicago gave President Obama 19.3 acres of prime property in Jackson Park to build what 
they thought was a library.President Obama Foundation pays $ 1, rent in perpetuity. We the taxpayers will
foot about 300,000 $ to build roads from and to the so called library. Sure enough President Obama can pay the bill
with a couple speeches and save the tax payer..
The Chicagoans imagined they will be getting a Presidential library akin to President Reagan in California, or
President Kennedy in Boston.. But unlike those libraries the Obama Center will not be run by the National 
Archives and Record Administration. It will not even house Mr. Obama's records or paper. It will be run by the "Obama Foundation..
In 2014 the request by the Obama Foundation in there proposal said the planned library "will include an Institute that will enhance the 
pursuit of the President's initiatives beyond 2017."
The Chicago Tribune reported in Feb " Obama said he envisions his center as a place where young people from around the world to meet each other, get training and prepare the next generation leaders" !!
No doubt his definition of "leaders " will be political.
Mayor Rahm Manuel said  "money well spent" (he was Obama's first chief of staff.
Where is the outrage?, when did the PJS comment on this. And when are our representative be accountable?

Rida W . Boulos, MD.

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