Monday, April 09, 2018

Water Company City Buyout Opportunity Facts Per Attorney Don Jackson. True? Probably Not,

First, Attorney Jackson, you say "the cost of a due diligence study has "ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR BY THE CEO COUNCIL".I suggest. Mr. Jackson, that you get your facts right. The last I heard was that the CEO Council had raised $400,000 towards a due diligence study would most likely cost over $1,000,000. So where is the additional $600,000+ to come from?

The taxpayers of course. Why are the wealthy, farmland owners who want cheaper access to water so they can add to our sprawl with more subdivisions, bond selling company represenatives', etc. so adamant that a City who is broke and knows they are; a City that can't handle their infrastructure and safety of it's residents, buy something they know little about how to run.

How many on the City Council have personally met a private payroll of over 5? Two out of eleven?

The infrastructure of the water facilities is old and many of the underground mains and piping will need to replaced now and far off into the future.

Back on 3/8/05, a JS headline read, "Buyout (By the City) May Require Rate Hike". Refer to my blog titled." Water Logged #4",dated 3/29/05.

Even a 'due diligence' study will not give dependable costs on future water line replacements.

I remind my readers again that the '85% of all cites own their water distribution' includes Congerville, Carlock, etc., and all small commuitites that no private investor would want to own.

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