Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Trump Knows It Would Be Wrong To Try To 'Take Out' Syria's Criminal Leader and Involve Russian Conflict

We took out the Libyan cruel dictator, we took out the Iraq cruel dictator, we tried to stop the taking out of Iran's cruel leader but he was overthrown and we supported Batista in Cuba and he got taken out. Look what happened in all these 'takeouts'. A vacuum was created and someone worse stepped into this vacuum.

At this moment, we do not know who was responsible for the criminal gassing of Syrians. It now appears that opponents of Assad MAY have 'staged' the gassing and filming to cause the U.S. to act on their behalf.

As Sarah said in the WH Press Conference today about the Syrian situation, "all options" are on the table. Nothing major is going to happen unlawfully and without the support of all those who advise presidents.

A couple of missiles may be fired but I do not expect a conflict with Russia even though they have a strong, cruel dictator. President Trump wants to keep open relations with Russia which is by far the best interests of this country.

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