Monday, April 16, 2018

"The Billion Dollar Spy" by David L. Hoffman - A True Story of Cold War Espionage andd Betrayal

In our country, disgruntled top security officials are discharged and forgotten. Some turn to betrayal of our country. In Russia, they poison defectors with highly classified information. They use firing squad to kill those caught in Russia afteer they have torttured them to get all the illegally released information they can. Out way is moral and stupid (FBI and CIA). Russia's way is immoral but effective.

I hope our Security has much improved but with people like Comey, Mueller and other Trump haters, I suggest hundreds of spies from all different countries are being 'handled' to gather as much top secret info from the U.S.A. and send it one way or another, to their respective homelands.

Those countries we spy on and they spy oon us include Russia, of course, Israel, England, France, China, Germany and all major countries in the world. As stated before, we have spies and they have spies. They lead a dangerous life and betrayal is nothing new.

This book, IF you read it, was even an eye opener to me.

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