Monday, March 05, 2018

Kudos to the North Carolina Dick's Sporting Goods Employee For Quitting His Job.

This 20 year old resigned his position with Dick's Sporting Goods Company after this Company announced a policy of not selling ANY type of gun to anyone under 21. ALL NRA members and supporters; I am a supporter, must boycott this 'chickenshit' company. Boycott, where possible, all the other 'no guts' companies that are trying to penalize the NRA instead of correcting our lousy mental health system,; lousy because of corrupt politicians like Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois.

And remaining members of the 'swamp' in D.C., of which there are still thousands that need to be fired.

I was born on a farm. I knew how to shoot at 12. If I was twelve today, my Dad would have given me a gun and shown me how to safely use it, horribly law against common sense, or not.

What has Durbin done about the Democrat controlled Chicago massacres? Nothing.

Durbin is all mouth and a media darling. Illinois is in the worst financial shape of any state in the union, save one. And Durbin is typical of Democrat politicians in Illinois.

I ask the NRA to publish a list of all those 'chiken- s..t companies. The Governor of Georgia is teaching Delta Airlines a financial lesson. More should follow suit.

If someone will tell the NRA to send me a membership blank, I will quickly become add to their growing list of members.

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