Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Associated Press, a Socialist Leaning Leader of Fake News, Attacks Trump's Hair

Trump's bald spot revealed in it's ABSURD attempt to conceal, is REVELED. What a shi...... is the AP and it's ilk. What will they attack next? The hair on his chest or the length of his pe...? Most men, (and more women than you think) if they are losing head hair, try to cover any bald spot. I do and I anchor it down if it is windy outside.

Most people are vain. Why doesn't the AP attack Hillary for her Botox use. Oh, she isn't the President. I see.

i hope eventually, enough voters will see through the thousands, maybe millions, of attempts by the SORE LOSERS to demean our President in every way possible

So terribly sad...

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