Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Peoria, Illinois Greatest Need - Experienced Successful Businesspeople Elected to Office

No more dreamers who have missed every projection, including the 'iffy' Warehouse District. They were sold by 'outside experts and consultants'  What a mess this City is in. Now possible flooding on the horizon costing more taxpayer dollars to probably protect the 'never should have been built RiverPlex'.

What happened to the ruling on whether the City has to pay the wealthy PAAG a couple of million dollars?? Another water buyout fiasco is on the horizon. One Councilman suggests a referendum. What a waste of taxpayer money that would be as a new referendum would be defeated same as last time; 83% voted NO.

This community is in a state of apathy. They have let so many false claims of racism and Trump hate dominate the news. And full belief in outsiders who pose as 'expert' consultants. In the past decade a dozen or more of these types come in highly paid with your tax dollars and look at where we are.

Expect dramatic raises in fees, taxes and special assessments, soon.

Badly needed is another Gary Sandberg type.

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Ron said...

Reading and hearing about Peoria leaves me feeling at opposite ends. At one end thankful we no longer live not only in Peoria or Illinois and at the other end sorry we still have family and friends in the city who want to leave, but are unable to do so.