Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Journal Star - Peoria, Il. Main Newspaper - Master of Dissimulation

This paper, whose representatives recently put on educational meetings to tell it's readers how to identify fake news are a master of fake new themselves. If you read the paper, I read it at a Library, see if you can identify the fake news that involves our Mayor in one, and, of course,  President Trump in the other. Both in the front section of a slimmer and slimmer newspaper as staff tries to make money for their new Japanese owner.

On Mayor Ardis's State of  Peoria Address, JS Reporter, Nick Vlahos wrote as a headline, "Peoria is a city on the grow" Reading the article the only note of 'grow' that the Mayor said was some small businesses had some potential. But Peoria is not to expect any new LARGE businesses soon.

Bergners announced the closing of the Sheridan Village Store,while their parent company, Bon-Ton declared bankruptcy. The Pere Hotel deal is more than shaky, the infrastructure the worst I've seen in any First World country, the City budget is shot with Heddington Oaks, a Peoria County project within the West Peoria boundaries, write off loss was $4,000,000.00 last year and Louisville slugger that touted 600,000 to 800,000 new visitors to Peoria each year, was silent on the JS Sports pages all summer with NONE of the National Tournaments they expected to draw.

The PRF on the riverfront is called a 'success' yet it has so far averaged 160,000 visitors per year while projections were 240,000 per year. 80,000 less visitors over five years adds up to 400,000, a sizable projection miss.

Yet the JS is silent on the PRF, Louisville Slugger, Heddington Oaks, the projected 265,000 attendance at Dozer Ball Park, the vacant commercial buildings and the last article I read in the JS concerning our infrastructure was an article dated Wednesday, April 9, 2014, where the City spent $500,000 to create a database to help prioritize and plan City maintenance

St. Francis move is a move within the City, a jump over the great divide, as was Farnsworth while leaving their previous headquarters vacant on Knoxville. I'm sure that St. Francis has plenty of uses for their vacated headquarters. The Warehouse District is still iffy considering the $33,000,000.00 tax dollars spent on creation.

Peoria has more vacant Commercial Properties than at any time of my 53 years of residence. The mess across from Kellar School on Mt. Hawley still has the same sign it had 2 years ago that a new building was coming SOON. City Council needs a definition of 'soon'.

The three businesses that were to open on the corner of University and War Memorial didn't materialize.The City had to "help" the new restaurant on the West Side when it appears to me that there may be an overload of restaurants in the area.

Let the IB tout success stories which are all good. But few are pointing out the problems the City of Peoria (and Peoria County) are facing. Sewer system, water buyout potentially dangerous buyout, etc.

Then, of course, Peoria is no longer headquarters of a leading Fortune 500 Corporation.

As the owner of property in the City, I want it to succeed. I am disappointed in the leadership..

More on mis-leading headlines concerning the JS hate attacks on President Trump were on previous blogs..

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