Friday, January 12, 2018

Wise Ass Reporter Asks Trump a Stupid Question. The Question- Are You a Racist?

Trumps answer?  He walks away from such stupidity which is exactly what he should have done but he makes news for failing to say no..

Trump a racist? In no way. he just can't tolerate fools and terrorists. Donald, that's what one gets when they enter politics. For many of us with commoon sense, we "iintolerables" are becoming stronger supporters of you despite your faults which all leaders have. Your fellow Republicans have to show indigence because of the next elections, you know.

Maybe you should buy this 'reporter' a free ticket to North Korea where he can spend a day with a Dictator who will maybe treat him or her to a beer and some small talk.

Been me, I'd have said "why don't you stick it up a place on your body where the sun doesn't shine".But you are our  President and you have to calmly take all this shit being dished out by those who were left short of common sense at birth.

Wish I were young again. I'd like to meet up with some of these idiots in bar except I don't drink. Maybe at Wendy's.

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