Sunday, January 14, 2018

"Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie Weeny, Little Bikini" Almost Stopped "Barely Thong"

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Almost, it stops with just an adhesive patch. Of course, one doesnt need to wear panties or anything under an outer garment. Or go topless or naked even in public. Legal in the U.S.A. Sure, in Clubs that check your age but charge no daytime admission. In other countries? Yes, I know from having enjoyed the beach of Ipanima in Brazil and a beach in Souther France. And a hotel roof  at Monte Carlo and a Jamacian Beach. And a whole bunch of other places I have never been.

So why this women's movement to gradually show more skin; from long, loose garments up to their neck, to the show as much of skin as legal. Women can wear clothes as tight as they can and that is legal. (I've often wondered how a woman with a big butt could possibly squeese her body in what would appear to be uncomfortable).

Sure, I'll be told 'not your problem, Bud so buzz off" I understand that but in a way it is to me and all men or boys and many kids of most gender. ( I need to say 'most' because it is no longer proper to say male and female)..

Makes many females to feel good about themselves, (remember the line from on old song, "you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else") compare their bodies with other women or attract other women or men. Or get an overall body tan.

Stop wearing loose fitting clothes and go to skin tight garments?  Re-read paragraph two.

I oppose rape in any form. Molestation or grabbing a breast or pubic area without a woman's permission or if she hasn't patted the male's butt first is a reportable offense. Right then , not years later when the offender has risen to NATIONAL PROMINENCE.   One pat on the butt I see as not a great problem. A man rubbing a woman's butt is a problem or as previously stated if the woman hasn't rubbed the male first. Being kissed on the mouth without a womens approval can only be done if her head is grabbed by both hands. BUT IF THE MALE IS STOPPED RIGHT THEN, I BELIEVE COMPLAINTS OF THIS TYPE WILL BE TOSSED BEFORE A JUDGE.

These things happen in public? SLAP his face, tell him off, or leave the area. Years ago, I was sitting and talking to two of my friends, one A nice looking crippled woman when a smart-assed bigshot out of Chicago asked the crippled woman to dance. She said no several times but he persited.. When he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her up I got up and knocked him under the table. Getting up, he threatened to sue, we went to a restuarant to cool down. He never sued.

If raped and alive, why not report it on your CP IMMEDIATLY?  Why wait to see if you are pregnant, got a disease or where shunned later? Or embarrassed or you really weren't raped, maybe drunk and 'messing' around and got carried away or you really did 'want to go all the way' with this hunk. Or maybe now you checked him, saw him in daylight,  talked to other women who knew him, found out he wasn't the guy you thought he was at the time and  realize you made a BIG a mistake.

Easy to call 'rape' today. Most of the tIme it is real But often to try to get revenge, try to bring the guy off his high horse, maybe you are a Democrat and he is a Repiublican or maybe vice-versa, clear your own conscience, get back in the public eye, or realizing that beauty you had at the time of the 'happening', doesn't last forever. (Why didn't I buy ULTA stock. I saw the wave coming and missed a great 'boomer' fading beauty opportunoity) And the present day efforts by so many to try to arouse eroticism.

I had an aquantaince sent to prison on a charge of rape. On appeal, the new Judge said his convicttion and imprisonment was the worst miscarriage of justice he had ever seen. My aquantance was released but only after being imprisoned for five years.

Some common sense whould prevvail today. Anyone can make a claim of sexual harrassment or any type of unlawful act to the media as they will pass it to the public causing great embarrassment to the sometimes hapless victim. The claim should  be made to legal authorities and not made public until court action.

I certainly have ALWAYS known that rape is usually real. Viscous rape proven should mean a long prison term. Rape caiusing death; I beilieve, an eye for an eye.

Any PROVEN rape is an act punishable by imprisonment. Any charge of sexual harrassment must be take before a judge who must use common sense in adminsteerating the law. As a Supreme Court Justice one said when asked to define porn, his answer was "I'll know it when I see it".

Back to the heading of this blog and the first pararahs. Arousing erotic feelings often lead to dangers for both female and males depending on he situation especially at small parties wher liquor and cocaine, or worse. Passing out while messing around leading to sexual acts and calling it rape weeks, months or years, go back to the preious paragrahs.

OK, I'm wrong on all this. Seldom had a discussion with a woman where what I said was right. OK again, I love most of you but many could look deeply at their feelings toward men. You may be pushing guys and even your own kids, like the actress who is taking her 3 year old son to sexual harassment meetings to mate up with another man rather than mate up as nature and continuation of the species, demands..

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