Friday, December 08, 2017

Deadly Drugs Warning

PEORIA, Ill - After a deadly drug has taken the lives of 3 Peoria residents within the past week, the Peoria Police Department is pushing to educate those in the community on this life threatening substance.
The individuals believed they were purchasing cocaine but it was mixed with a deadly substance called Fentanyl, its a fast acting synthetic Opioid that’s 100 times more potent than Morphine.
The department’s goal wants to make the public aware that although you might believe that you're purchasing cocaine be aware that it could be something more deadly.
“We've seen Opiod overdoses for quite some time now, for about two years,” said Police Chief Jerry Mitchell.
The numbers prove the validity of Mitchell's claim. According to the department overdose numbers increased from 57 in 2015 to now 252 reported overdoses in 2017.
The chief adds, “What we saw new we wanted to make sure that we get that information out, that was about the infusion of this deadly Fentanyl into now yet another drug market with cocaine.”
Mitchell said the department will continue to educate the public on these deadly drugs and pursuing the arrest of those selling them.

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