Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Renaissance Park - Widely Touted in 2006. What Went Wrong?

Neighborhood Advisory Council - Heart of Peoria Commission and paid consultants
Ferrell Madden and Associates, Michael Bryant and other movers and shakers were behind this drive to make Peoria a better place.

What happened now 11 years later? What went wrong? Are these commissions still meeting regularly with the consultants?

The JS should be pursuing things like this such as the missing signage promised by the Peoria Park District about improvements to Glen Oak Park with the huge sign "African Exhibit"? I see nothing was done but thanks to Glen Barton, a new entrance to the zoo building was built with his money.

Interesting the JS is spending all this time attacking Trump when they should be calling attention to the REAL world in Peoria.

What's going on at Louisville Slugger. Remember that this facility is to bring 600,000-800,00 NEW visitors to Peoria every year. Still retail sales keep slipping and City and County debt keep rising.

Not to forget that the new museum was to bring in $16 million in new retail sales as projected by "those who know more than us"????


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