Saturday, August 19, 2017

Polls Support Our President Words - 62% In Favor and 11 % Undecided

I join in his support as his remarks were not politically correct. There are probably less than 200,000 White Supremists and probably less than 100 idiots who would wave a Nazi flag.

There are probably more than 10 million "Black Lives Matter" supporters who are responsible for most of recent blacks shooting white police..

The black Congressionalist woman from Missouri that wants Trump assassinated is a leader of the BLM Socialist hate organization. The 11% undecided are probably not aware of the losers efforts to take down National figures who happened, one reason or another, to fight a losing war. They were still Americans by happenstance mostly born in the South. (Reminder to most recent school attendees, there was a Civil War and it wan't directly to abolish slavery but to PRESERVE A UNION)

Mr. President, you also said the right words to Kim Hung Lo. I suspect he will slowly chose his words more carefully.

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