Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Poor Democrat Chuck Schumer - He Sees Beavers' at Work Destroying Every Pond

Cutting down precious trees. He sees Zinke as opening up 400 MILLION acres of Nationally owned land to people with saws, bull dozers and drills to destroy 400 MILLION ACRES. He must take one to two sleeping pills at night or is he just the typical Democrat "leader" trying to undermine everything the Republicans are doing and are going to do.

Most likely, both. Talk about loose cannons.

Schumer is part of the "swamp" Trump described in Washington along with thousands of Democrat bureaucrats.

So sad. Trump was at his best last night and in one hour, with over a dozen subjects, he nor Jesus Christ could explain in detail as to how all were to be accomplished.

Mainstream liberal left-wing media were working hard to try to undermine Trump as usual even before he started speaking.

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