Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hospital's Outrageous Costs

I recently spent 2 days at Unity/Proctor or Proctor/Unity and the bill was $34,000.00+.  Fortunately I have Humana. My GI doctor could barely speak English. He said I should stay another day for lab test results and prescriptions. I asked him, since he knew my pharmacy, why not just call the prescriptions in? He said he could. I[m still waiting to hear from my pharmacy who said they did not receive any requests for me.

Maybe because the hospital has it's own pharmacy that like all hospital pharmacy's their costs are much higher than outside pharmacies.

When this doctor talked to me, I told him I was hard of hearing. He took a couple of steps toward me, but then as he talked, he kept backing up. At this point and after waiting too long for a lab report, I said "get me out of here." Another doctor said he would expedite my lab reports. He did and I was released in two days instead of three days.

Did they discover my problem? No, I did.

While Congress is debating an Obama/Care replacement and the high cost of some prescription drugs, I suggest they look into "care and treatment" of patients other than just a the VA.

Nice hospital though. and all personnel were friendly. It is my personal opinion that there is need of another full service hospital in the area.

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